fluid identities is the research  of my dancing body. the physical practice is the entry & grounding point to deep knowledge- the wisdom sourced from the sensory and feeling body.

tanja olivia saban

dancer, Gaga teacher, yoga practitioner


since 2007 i have been working in the field of contemporary dance, as a performer,creator and teacher in europe, new york and israel.


in 2011 i got into Gaga, the movement language and research of ohad naharin and the batsheva dance company.in early 2018 i became certified to teach Gaga classes after completing the teachers course under the artistic direction of bosmat nossan.

my research in the language of Gaga dives into  physical sensation as a source for movement, for expanding movement vocabulary and higher sensitivity. differentiating awareness into body layers, for example skin,flesh and bones, refines perception of how and where we initiate movement from. the expression emerging from physical states sourced from the richness and depth of sensation becomes the dance, it takes place in the small gestures. one state connects into the next, creating a multilayered body.


I was introduced to yoga in the Iyengar system in 2003. When I met my teacher, Sri Louise, in 2006, my practice became deeply meaningful. The genius of her teaching set me on the path to develop a personal practice that cultivates the emotional and intellectual honesty and resilience required to meet one’s personal truth, to grow and mature as a person. I completed my 400h of teacher training between 2008 and 2011 during which I was introduced to the study of Advaita Vedanta as taught in the tradition of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, which directed my spiritual quest towards understanding the nature of self, god and the world as unfolded in the vision of the Upanisads

In class we move through  asana sequences, developing a clear understanding of alignment principles   to awaken to our physical and emotional intelligence while cultivating a clear,discerning mind. With a background in contemporary dance, I employ my knowledge and research from the intersection of asana, somatics and the creative process.

somatic sequencing

the quality of our perception determines the quality of our movement. we are deep diving into an exploration of our anatomy and internal landscapes, reawakening our sensory body.through movement, imagery and touch we explore different layers of tissues and their respective function.fine tuning and differentiating our sensory awareness lets the body reorganize movement patterns and opens up a new range of possibilities in our bodies.we research where and how movement is initiated, how it sequences through the body and orchestrates rhythms and textures. deep listening into our microcosm enriches our perception and refines our ability to articulate, in the small and big gestures.